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Finding iBeacons without ProximityUUID Xamarin Android

The iBeacon is the small Low Energy Bluetooth device which constantly broadcasts the radio signals to phones and tablets using Bluetooth. Mobile devices can listen to these signals and trigger an action. User's mobile device identifies the concrete iBeacon via it’s ProximityUUID  which is the unique hexadecimal number. ProximityUUID is essential to get the radio signals from the iBeacon. 

I was developing my first iBeacon app on iOS, I was unable to connect the iBeacon and finally came to conclusion that, the ProximityUUID which I was using was, unfortunately incorrect. Despite the fact that I was checking the ProximityUUID with various iOS apps such as Locate and eBeacon, the ProximityUUID still seemed incorrect. After a day research and posting the question to stackoverflow, I was suggested to use Android app called Locate to find the correct ProximityUUID of the iBeacon. The android Locate app worked like a charm, it gave the correct UUID and finally I connected. The…