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Test Case Generation - Model Checker

Introduction In all software development process the time really matters. This is the aspect which is valued as a high-cost. When the beginner programmers start to learn programming languages, they try to learn basic syntax, some language related paradigms as well. They are so enthusiastic, doing their best to acquire knowledge and study. Some time passes, and now they can write basic to-do list application, it can be mobile, web-based or desktop. At this moment, they don't care about the tests, since they can't evaluate how important can the test be. This is the first phase of every single programmer. The second phase for them is to find a job or internship in a company, to gain more experience and earn experience and money. So this is the time when they encounter real project structure and processes how the big projects are done. Understanding the different people responsibilities, separation of the business side and development teams. Here they see the values of quality assu…